Saturday, 15 November 2014

Silver Grey Waistcoat

I finally finished the waistcoat I started in January. I'm afraid I don't have any construction photos. I did take some, but the computer on which I keep my photos is almost dead, and I won't be able to retrieve anything from it until it has been replaced.
I sewed most of the big seams by machine, basted hair canvas interfacing down the fronts, stab stitched the back hem closed and put a running stitch along the front edge & pockets. The buttons are dimes covered in little circles of silk and the buttonholes are done by hand.
Dimes, besides being a nice silvery colour, are the perfect size!
The pocket flaps are whipstitched on and the pocket bags are machine sewn in the same way as the coat pockets.

It fits quite nicely, though I'm going to straighten out the bottom half of the front pattern piece. The curved edge makes the bottom buttons wrinkle.

The Challenge: #21- Re-Do
This could have qualified for 4 of the previous challenges:
#1- Make Do & Mend- Because the lining, pocket bags and back are all made out of recycled material, and the back is pieced.
#5- Bodice- Waistcoats aren't normally referred to as bodices, but it still fits the theme.
#8-  UFOs & PHDs- It sat in a drawer for 10 months before I finished it.
#13- Under $ 10- I don't know the exact cost of this but it was definitely less than $ 10.
Fabric: Silk dupioni, cotton ticking, grey linen.
Pattern: Drafted by me.
Year: Approximately 1770's- 90's
Notions: Hair canvas interfacing, 10 dimes.
How historically accurate is it? Only accurate from a distance. The construction is mostly okay, but has a few inaccuracies. The materials are also mostly okay, but the slubby texture of the silk dupioni is the worst inaccuracy of them all.
Hours to complete: No idea.
First worn: Saturday November 15th, 2014
Total cost: Eight or nine dollars maybe?