Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ruffled bed jacket

I made a short, ruffly jacket to wear over sleeveless nightgowns. I was inspired by the one from The Secret of Moonacre, which I think is very cute and just the right length to wear while sitting up in bed reading.
 The pattern was pretty simple. I traced the sleeve of my frock coat and the top part of a waistcoat pattern with the front edge trimmed down a bit.
This started out as just a test run of the pattern, but I decided to make it wearable. I will make another version soon, with a bit more ease added to the shoulders.
It's sewn up in a fine blue cotton stripe fabric, with a floral print lining.
For the ruffles I cut strips along the width of the fabric. The cuffs were half a width each, the bottom ruffle was 2 widths, and the front & neck hole ruffle was 3.
It's all machine sewn, except for the lining armholes.
Unfortunately, this is not my colour at all. It was waaaay too light and bright of a blue, and it looked terrible on me.
So I dyed it with 50/50 grey and teal, and now it's much better!
I suspect the lining may be a poly/cotton blend, because it didn't take the dye as well. But that's ok, it came out a nice grey.
The polyester thread I used is still bright blue, but it's not too noticeable.
Here I am wearing it over a shirt, which is a bit bulky and difficult to get into cotton lined sleeves. I'll wear it properly over a nightgown in a later post.

Oh! And here's something I forgot to mention in the "smallish things" post!
I did a trade with a friend at school who is in pottery. I printed 2 sad dinosaur shirts for Chase Benjamin Ceramics and he put a decal on a mug for me!
It's my own drawing, that I did specifically for this mug. I love my bird mug very much.