Sunday, 25 January 2015

2014 in review

Hello. I realized recently that I had missed the 2 year anniversary of this blog, so I apologize for posting this late. As usual, I've been busy with school and neglected this blog even though I have no shortage of posting material.

So, here's some of what I made in 2014. (I'm not counting unfinished projects this time, and unfortunately I have a lot more unfinished projects than finished ones.)

 My denim frock coat is awesome and I love it, but I wish I had used a more slippery lining for the sleeves.
My spiral pants are nice enough, aside from the fact that I messed up the pattern alterations and the waist is a uncomfortably tight. I've worn them maybe five times.
 I am not happy with these watch fobs and will probably take them apart and re- make them.
 This corset has pretty fabric, but it doesn't fit properly at all. Not that I care. I'm never going to wear it.
 I love my linen shirt very much! A couple of the button holes have stretched a little, but that's the only complaint I have with it.
 Not much to be said about the white cravat. I wear it fairly regularly and should make a couple more.
 The buttons are popping off my fur trimmed waistcoat! Their old fabric backs are tearing through and I need to replace them. It's bulky and weird, but very warm.
Curse those horrible chest lumps that ruin the line of my waistcoat.
 I love my silver waistcoat, but I haven't worn it or my frock coat much yet because I don't have any proper breeches.
 I wear these plain black pants almost every day, and they're starting to wear out.
 This cotton shirt is probably the one I wear most often.

Looking at all my finished projects together, it seems pretty pathetic. I really, really need to finish the things I start sewing. My unfinished project pile is getting out of control. Of course, I have been sewing a lot of things for school (mostly mockups) and will have to have 7 complete outfits made up by April 11th.
I'm taking a bookbinding class too! It's fun. We're only three classes in, so we haven't gotten to hardcovers yet.
Tiny little cemetery book.

Slightly larger book with buttons.

It has Gothic arches with bats on the inside cover.
I've done a fair amount of drawings too, though have not posted them anywhere.
Me in 2013 vs me in 2014.
 It may have been a bad year for unfinished projects, but it was a very good year for hair.
Now I need to go work on the waistcoat that's been sitting on my chair for a month.