Friday, 18 June 2021

18th Century Sleeve Links (Video)

 A short little video about sleeve links.

There's a huge number of sleeve buttons on, and a lot on the Museum of London website too. On there are two documents with pictures of more 18th century sleeve links, and 18th century notebook also has a page of them.

Places that sell reproduction sleeve buttons include Sign of the Gray Horse, Najecki Reproductions, Goosebay Workshops, and Wm. Booth Draper. At The Easter Door has some too, but I can't see any indication on the website of how to actually buy them.

Monday, 14 June 2021

Sage Green Linen Shirt

I've made another everyday shirt! 
There's nothing much to say about the construction, it's made in mostly the same way as the shirt in this post. All the long seams are by machine, and there's hand finishing at the cuff, collar, and front slit.
I did the buttonholes by hand, and made Dorset wheel buttons in light green DMC cotton pearl. I've decided I don't really like having the sewn on buttons on these narrow cuffs, they don't sit as nicely as the 18th century ones that close with sleeve links.

The fabric is Summer Breeze linen in "Sage" from Pure Linen Envy and it's lovely! It's nice and soft and such a good weight for shirts. I got some more of the same weight in white, because I really need to make more historical shirts too.

I like this shirt very much! Sage green is one of my favourite colours, and it goes so well with my brown waistcoat and pants.
This waistcoat really doesn't fit well anymore, alas.

I also got a couple metres of the same weight linen in dark red, light grey, and another shade of green, and I look forward to making shirts out of them too!