Saturday, 16 January 2016

2015 in review

Whoops, I keep forgetting to update this blog. I used to post here every week. How did I manage that?
Anyhow, here is what I made in 2015!

My line. It feels like this was ages ago.
 I feel like I didn't do much sewing at all last year, but I did do these 6 outfits for the College fashion show. More pictures of them here. (As well as the image sources because I didn't take any of these.)

 For the most part, I'm quite happy with my fashion show outfits, and 2 waistcoats, 4 shirts, and a pair of pants from my line ended up fitting me well enough to wear!
 Naxius's Jupiter Ascending robe and pants commission!
It is ridiculously huge and beautiful and sparkly and I love it.
I don't love the fact that I still have sequin fragments in my carpet after more than 3 months, but I'm doing my best to stick as many sequins as I can to Nax whenever he comes over in the hopes that they'll infest his house too.

(More photos here.)
I still have more square sequins to sew on the outside, plus a few other things to fix up.
 My ace flag sash. A pretty simple project, but I like it.
 My weird blue wool waistcoat. I haven't worn this much because I think it needs a big bunch of Other Stuff in order to work right. It just doesn't work with my solid black garments. It needs to be accompanied by blue and grey garments that have texture, and possibly a large floaty distressed cape thing.
 A shirt. It is a good shirt and I must make more. I did start another linen one, but haven't finished it.
 Two fabulous unfinished waistcoats! I need to finish these! I don't think I've posted either of them here. The above one is black silk with sage greyish green embroidery in a Beardsley inspired swirly pattern. It's about 90% done.
 One day I decided to pick all the dark blue sequins out of my jar of sequins and now I have a glittery half finished waistcoat. The sleeves and back are a whole lot of anachronistic nonsense and I'm really looking forward to wearing it.

I also did a bunch of non sewing things. Last school year I took a bookbinding course.
Holy crap my nails are so short here.
 I made a coffin book, and an octopus book, among others. I want to make more coffin books!
Look at how tiny and stumpy that thumbnail is! Poor thing!
 I also painted some space fabric and made this book as a Christmas present for my friend Rhys.
 And I made a necklace for Nax.

I made a lot of friends in 2015! Unfortunately I didn't do much sewing for most of the later part of the year, and what I did sew was mainly more unfinished projects. I guess I sort of crashed after the fashion show and just didn't get back to sewing regularly. I also completely fell off the Historical Sew Fortnightly wagon. Oops.

But this year I will try to do more stuff! I'm making an effort to draw more, and so far I've filled at least one sketchbook page everyday this year (with the exception of the day a whole bunch of water leaked into my room).
And I really, really need to sew more clothes for myself. Especially pants. I've been saying that for a couple of years now, haven't I?