Saturday, 17 October 2020

Black suede gloves

My goodness, I've fallen behind on blogging again! The blogger format has changed and I do not like it, but I won't get any better at navigating it by avoiding posting.

I started these gloves sometime last year, and then left them half finished in a box for many months, as I so often do. But then this year took them out again and finished them.

They're mostly the same pattern as my first pair, just with the thumb hole adjusted slightly.
I cut them from an old black suede skirt, which has proven tougher than the crappy jacket leather I made my first pair from, but still not ideal as it doesn't have as much stretch as a glove ought to. 
Just like the previous pair, I hand sewed it all with a whipstitch using waxed linen thread.

I cut them out with a teeny tiny bit more seam allowance than before, and it made the fingers much looser, which I don't like. It turns out even a millimetre of seam allowance makes a HUGE difference on glove fingers, which are pretty small, and having any extra width on the 6 or 8 pattern piece edges around them really adds up.
Next time I'll go back to cutting the pattern with no seam allowance.

They're not perfect, but they fit and are comfortable! I've been wearing them regularly now that it's autumn.
You can tell by the daisies that I finished these over a month before actually bothering to post them...


  1. I'm amazed at your talent of creating vestments from head to toes. You may have created some kind of purse in the past but I don't recall seeing one. The gloves look amazing. I'm sure that the next pair will fit to perfection.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Mamoo

  2. I'm not a fan of the new blogger either, but after several weeks of using it, I'm gradually developing a method for working round the bits which really annoy me. Best of luck.

  3. It does seem to make much more sense to stitch on the outside, rather than stitch them and turn them inside out so the stitching rubs the fingers. This is obviously something you're going to get much better at (like the blogging in the new format *winks*) They look lovely in this colour/material thickness. Nicely done.