Thursday, 2 February 2023

Leafkerchief Video

 It's finally finished! I've had most of this video filmed for well over a year, and couldn't edit it for quite a while because my old computer became too feeble and would freeze and crash, but now it's finally posted and I'm so glad to be done with it! 

In my blog post about the first leafkerchief I made, way back in July 2021, I go over how I sewed and painted it, and included a pattern diagram. 

In this video I sew two similar ones, and a simpler version, try some different painting methods (Here's a link to the little squeezy bottles. Not where I got mine, but they look the same.) I also go over how I draft the patterns.

I didn't get any progress photos of these because I was too focused on filming them, oops!


This last one is made from the same pattern as the original dark green one, which is in the other post, but I'll put it here too just to have all 3 in the same place.


  1. I love this project and fully intend to make a few for the ren faire!
    But also that last photo is the best!!!

  2. That last photo though! haha ❤️