Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Dark Grey Linen Shirt

This is an everyday shirt I made about 5 months ago. It's mostly machine sewn, and the construction is pretty close to the one in my shirt construction post, except with more machine sewing, so there isn't a whole lot to say about it.
The cuff, with a pair of the sleeve links from my sleeve link tutorial.

It's made of a fairly thin dark grey linen, and I think I bought it at Fabricville years ago as light brown linen and overdyed it, but I might be confusing it with another piece of linen. It's the same fabric I made a shirt out of in 2018, but this time I left off the ruffles, since I tend to wear my non-ruffled shirts more often for everyday. (I love ruffles, they're just a bit less practical.)

I tried a thread button I'd not done before! Normally for shirts I do Dorset wheels, or bird's eye buttons just using thread for the middle, but Gina B Silkworks posted this tutorial for a bird's eye made with a little rolled up triangle of fabric for the middle, so I did a couple of those.

I found it a bit more difficult to control than the thread kind, but it made a nice big sturdy button.

I machine sewed the buttonholes intending to go over them by hand with buttonhole stitches, but then started wearing it, so now that's not going to happen and this shirt is stuck with machine buttonholes.
The front slit and heart shaped reinforcement are also machine sewn. I usually do these by hand, but for this one I hand basted them down first and it worked just fine. The little bar tack at the bottom is still by hand, of course.
The only other thing I did differently was sewed along the edge of the cuff before turning it inside out, like a pintuck but it's hidden inside the cuff. I did this because the fabric was so thin and I wanted that edge to be a bit sturdier.
The cuff before I turned it right side out.

The shoulder reinforcements.
Here it is worn with my dark blue linen pants.

It's comfortable and I like it. 


  1. A very educational video on how to make Birdsey buttons. I'm getting old but learning new things every day.people were very resourceful and made due with what they had in the old days.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. She has many many videos on making buttons! And some books.