Monday, 28 November 2022

April 2021 Photoshoot

 I meant to post this in October and forgot, oops. I did post some of these on the social medias last autumn, but never got around to posting all the ones I was sent.

Back in the early spring of 2021 I was photographed by Hailley Fayle for CreatedHere Magazine. I changed outfits a few times. This first one is my black & white c. 1790 coat, black & white striped waistcoat, and grey wool breeches.

The stockings are the O Woolies from Sock Dreams, which I can't find in their wool section now, but they do have a somewhat similar wool stocking. The shoes are from American Duchess and are also not currently in stock.
In the above picture I'm wearing my black corduroy coat and brown & gold waistcoat.
And in these ones I've got on my yellow striped waistcoat and bright blue breeches.

Because it was so early in the spring that nothing had budded yet, it managed to look kind of autumn-y.

And here I'm wearing my plain black silk waistcoat and bright orange breeches.

That's all the pictures! 
I've really been neglecting this poor blog lately, but really don't want it to become a dead blog, so I hope I can catch up on posting enough to do my year in review at a reasonable date.

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  1. Ahhhh, so fabulous! Late 18th century style goals! Every new photo I thought "that one is my favourite!"